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Orgone Pyramid 3

Orgone Pyramid 3

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Made to order; please allow 1-2 weeks for particular creation process.

Base: 14 x 14 cm
The Orgone pyramid has an extremely powerful ability to give your body, mind, and soul ultimate balance and healing harmony.
This Piece is individually hand crafted by a Shamanic High Priest. This is a blessing that can only be done by a 3rd degree initiate that has access to the en-sophic energy. This is part of what makes these sacred energy devices so powerful, unique and special.
Benefits Of Being An Orgone Energy User
Orgone pyramids heal not only the body but the soul. People who have previously experienced disruptions in their auras often reported improvements in both mental, spiritual, and physical health after spending time near an Orgone pyramid.
Orgonite Pyramids Benefits 
— to protect and restore the biological field of man (aura)
— protect, clean and harmonize the space
— to charge the body with vital energy
— increase energy efficiency
— increase healthy blood flow throughout the body
— protect from energy vampirism
— energy of strength and clarity of mind
— better overall